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NetGazer is not only a company, but a passion, a desire to grow, serve and excel. For our clients NetGazer is a name which stands for its commitment, customer care, integrity, product knowledge, trouble free services and competitive prices.

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Our association

Our association was set up in 2010. We offer various services to the corporate and household buyer

We have built a stronghold

We have built a stronghold for various network benefits on local interface, for instance, super nodes, LAN, and MAN, to give maximum execution and high versatility to take full advantage of gigabit network.

provide top tier broadband

We are determined to provide top tier broadband correspondence to each house-hold and corporate customer at a market ccompetitive cost.


Our fiber-optic network gives the establishment to our contributions, providing metro access, IP transmission services, data connectivity, information availability to the significant business centers in Australia. Our portfolio of services solutions empowers endeavor clients to transcend legacy networks to make genuinely customized door-to-door optic networks.

Real Time, & Data Trade 

We empower continuous and real-time data trade at any place and at whatever point it is required. We have constructed a fortification for different network services on local connect, for example, super nodes, LAN, and MAN to give greatest execution and high versatility. NetGazer is resolved to give cutting edge broadband correspondence to each house-hold just as to a corporate client. Notwithstanding, exceptionally imaginative, innovational, and experienced staff, NetGazer has a wide portfolio of assets that seamlessly interconnect to offer a full range of information exchange services.
●Metro Area Networks (MAN)
●Wide Area Networks (WAN)
●Metro Ethernet
●Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network (IPVPN)
●Content Sharing
●Co-location Facility
●Network Solutions

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●Best plans: Contact us and let us consult you on what would be the best package for you no matter if it is for your home or office.
●Always There: We work round the clock 24/7, for our customers so they can stay connected no matter what conditions are.




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Do-It-Yourself Phone Screen Repairs

Do-It-Yourself Phone Screen Repairs

Whether your smartphone has a broken screen or a water-damaged screen, it’s important to know that there are things you can do in Melbourne to get your phone working again. While you can take your phone to a big box store to repair the screen, you may be able to save money by going to a local repair shop.

Cost of repair depends on phone model

Depending on the type of phone you own, the cost to fix a broken phone screen will vary. Some phones can be fixed for as little as $50, while others may cost over $600. The cost of phone screen repair will also vary based on your warranty status, the type of phone you own, and the manufacturer.

If you’re an Apple user, you have the option of using an official repair service. They will provide original parts and test to ensure the phone is restored to factory standards. However, this is a much more expensive option.

If you want to save money, you can try using a third-party repair service. They charge less than Apple and often take less time to complete repairs. Some services even offer warranties on the repairs they make. However, you’ll lose your Apple warranty if you use a third-party repair service.

If you’re using a Samsung phone, you can also try using an official repair service. They offer walk-in screen repairs for Samsung phones. They will also offer a variety of screen protection plans. The cost of these plans will vary, but you can expect to pay between $27 and $59 for the Samsung Care+ plan.

Time it takes to repair

Whether you have a cracked screen or just have a broken display, your phone can be fixed. You can get a quick fix on the spot at a mall kiosk, or have it repaired at a local cell phone repair shop. However, you should be cautious about do-it-yourself repairs, as they may damage your device.

When looking for the best cell phone screen replacement, be sure to shop around. You may be able to find a local repair shop that offers free diagnostics, upfront pricing, and same-day service. Some repair services may also offer warranties and insurance. It’s also a good idea to find out whether your repair is covered by your cell phone insurance plan.

The time it takes to repair a phone screen depends on several factors, including the model of the phone. Some models require more sophisticated technicalities. It’s also important to make sure you back up all your data before going in for a repair.

If you want to spare yourself from trouble, we recommend that you go to Melbournes leading phone screen repair company.

Importance of an iPad Cover

“As is” was the way many people used their smartphones in years past. The bitter experience of having their expensive and precious gadget scratched and bumped from daily normal use has made all realise the importance of casings or covers.

The sturdy build of the iPad does not exempt it from being subjected to scratches. Accidents DO happen and the only thing that can protect the iPad from getting scratched and bumped is an iPad cover.

The benefits provided by an iPad cover include:

The best protection for your iPad

An iPad is a delicate and expensive device. It’s only smart to protect it from the normal daily grind you do on it. Accidental falls, knocks, and scrapes can cause some form of damage to the iPad.

An iPad cover will bear the damage rather than the gadget itself. Since the inception of iPads, you’d be amazed at the way many people have subjected their IPad. Many owners have admitted that they have accidentally exposed them out in the rain, sat on them, left them on the hood of their cars, and dropped them from great heights.

It has been seen that the damage was not irreparable for iPads that had iPad covers compared to ones that did not have.

Offers great functionality

The latest design of iPad covers has made them highly functional and more user-friendly. The older versions of casings and covers prevented many iPad owners from using them directly. Removing the iPad from their covers for owners to use them produced disastrous results.

Thankfully, the newer iPad cover designs allow an iPad user to access all functions while remaining protected in the case. Some innovative iPad cover designs include a holder function to enable one to use it as a television. Some cases provided a physical keyboard to make it function and look like a mini notebook.

Fashionably trendy

IPad covers have created a fashion trend, allowing owners to select the case that reflects their personality. The similarity of all iPad designs outside of their case covers can be pretty boring.

However, the iPad has become one of the indispensable gadgets just like smartphones. It seems that iPhone owners today are likely to own an iPad as well. Creating a fashion statement has become a must for all types of central devices such as the iPhone and iPad. And what better way than to get the right iPad cover that reflects an owner’s preference and lifestyle.

Available in a wide range of materials

How you want your iPad to look and function dictates the type of cover material. The iPad case that offers the best protection is the one to go for if you use the gadget a lot and bring it everywhere with you.

Durable iPad covers are also a smart choice if you expose your iPad to conditions that might damage it. An inexpensive type of iPad cover is a good choice if your iPad is not exposed to hazards such as small children or pets.

The wide range of available iPad covers ensures that there’s always a perfect one for everyone. Just remember to choose the one that provides the best solution to your wants and needs. After all, protecting your iPad is always important. PTC Shop stock a range of iPad cases. Contact us to learn more about our available iPad covers.

Five Benefits Of Search Engine Optimisation To A Business

Currently, there are millions of websites on the internet belonging to businesses, organisations, and individuals. As such, businesses strive to make their websites available on the first page of the search engine optimisation. For a website to appear in the first stage, it needs to undergo a search engine optimisation process where the quality and quantity of contents are improved, while reducing the website’s loading period, thereby increasing the traffic to that particular website.

To help you understand better the importance of search engine optimisation in your business, the following are some of the advantages of optimising your business website through search engine optimisation.

Advantages of search engine optimisation

  • Better user experience

Search engine optimisation helps to improve your website by the addition of relevant content, videos, images and simulations, which users find very helpful as they are looking for the best company to interact with. Moreover, users will have an easy time navigating through the web pages, with faster loading periods between pages. Better user experience can earn a company a potential client who will be interested to interact with the company, just by using an optimised website.

  • Build your brand credibility

Managing to appear first, second or even third in search engine results will give clients the notion that you are among the top players in that particular industry. Therefore, even if you are a start-up business, having an optimised website that is at the top of the search results will make you appear more established and experienced in the field. Besides, customers will trust your product more than those from the companies that appear below yours on the list.

  • Improves mobile-friendliness

You should know that about 66% of web traffic originates from mobile devices and most smartphones. Therefore, your websites should be adaptable and capable of working in all manners of screens regardless of size or shape. Nowadays, most online transactions are done via smartphones because the majority of people find it to be the most readily available option. If your website is unresponsive on such devices, you might lose your visibility in the public and end up losing potential customers. This emphasises the need to invest time in search engine optimisation.

  • Improve your website speed

As discussed earlier, there is a need to have a website with a short loading time. A carelessly done website will have contents shift from one position to another as it is loading and the visitor will have to wait until it finishes loading before being able to interact with the site. However, time is limited for many and they will not waste it waiting on a website to finish loading, but would rather look for another one that is faster.

  • The main source of leads

Optimising your website through the SEO process will boost your quest to find more leads for your business, increasing your chances of getting more clients who want to work with you. If you are not getting any new leads, you need to rethink your SEO strategies.

How do you optimise your website?

You can outsource the SEO operations to another company to manage them for you. This will save you the time that you will need to train your staff on SEO. Also, the other company has all the tools and skilled experts in place to manage your website for you. This will save you a lot of money in the long run and put you among the best companies on the web.

For professional advice, contact New Zealands leading SEO Agency.

What Business IT Support Melbourne Entails

What Business IT Support Melbourne Entails

IT support companies provide support to small businesses for a fee. Why would a business outsource IT services from IT agencies? Small businesses outsource IT services when they cannot maintain IT infrastructure or hire professional IT experts. One significant benefit a business gets for outsourcing the IT part of the business is; they focus on what it can do better –  focus on the business process and worry not about the business’s IT aspect.

Types of services IT agencies offer to businesses vary according to their requirements. Some businesses may require full IT support, while others may require partial or occasional IT support. Whichever your business IT requirements, IT support agencies have all the solutions for your business. Typical IT services include:

Managed IT services

Managed IT services in Melbourne range from server-side support, network monitoring and evaluation, web hosting, cloud computing, desktop support, and more. Businesses are free to subscribe to one-off IT support or continuous support for a monthly fee. For efficiency, businesses prefer continuous business support because of continued service availability and minimum downtime reducing business losses related to IT systems. The exciting part of IT support is in cloud computing. The ability of teams to collaborate remotely is a milestone in the IT industry.

IT audit

IT audit is a fundamental exercise for a business to undertake. In typical cases, internal audit teams do the job. Still, when a business doesn’t maintain a fully-fledged IT department, the only option is to outsource an IT audit from an IT agency. IT audit covers IT equipment and infrastructure, software audit, and network security audit. Employees of a company can easily misappropriate IT resources for personal gains, especially when they expect no IT audit. IT audit is essential for a business because it pinpoints vulnerabilities in network security and brings forth the necessary recommendations to fix. Perform IT systems and security audits to identify weaknesses in the system; hackers and crackers can easily find their way into the system leading to business losses or information theft.

Office fit-out

When businesses expand, they will require to expand their IT infrastructure to reach out to the new branches or offices. IT support agencies provide extensive consultations and support on the best practices to implement IT systems in these new branches. Designing new IT infrastructure for new branches is not an easy job that an in-house IT team can handle efficiently. It requires extensive knowledge and expertise to build network infrastructure and make the necessary configurations for seamless connectivity between the main and new ones. To design LANs and WANs requires enterprise-grade experts to carry out the initial layout, and that’s why even medium to large enterprises outsource these services to IT agencies.

Web hosting and web development

IT support agencies provide Web Hosting and web development support to small and medium enterprises for a monthly fee. Web development and hosting entail vast activities that require extensive expertise. Services involved in web hosting and web development include content creation, SEO services, and hosting.

OS support and mobile integration

It takes IT agencies to fully provide the right support in application programs and OS support. Desktops, laptops, servers, and smartphones require regular updates for maximum security. To mitigate failures, IT agencies schedule full servicing and on-call servicing on an agreed amount per month.

Family Law

Family Law

It is an area of legal practice that focuses on family issues to do with relationships, for example, adoption, divorces, child custody, and more. Attorneys practising in this area of the law can represent clients during court proceedings or lead in the negotiation table. They can draft critical legal documentations like petitions and property agreements. In some instances, family lawyers specialise in areas like adoption, emancipation, paternity, and other issues about divorce. World states have their rights to determine formal requirements for a marriage to happen. It may include age limits, rules, and regulations followed for a divorce to occur. Many states have had legislation that allows the union of the same sex to happen while other states restrict such behaviours and only allow the marriage of opposite sex.

Helpful terms related to family law

Emancipation: is a court process where a minor assumes adult responsibilities and becomes self-supportive by fending for himself and no longer under the care of his or her parents by taking care of his or her welfare.

Marital property: are properties acquired by either of the partners in the marriage that is subject for division upon divorce. It may include wealth and other resources gained by either of the spouses during their marriage term.

Alimony: are allowances given to either of the spouses to the other for support after undergoing a legal separation or divorce.

Paternity: is the process to establish the identity of the biological father, you can say descent or origin of the father.

Prenuptial Agreement: is a written agreement between spouses before entering into a marriage institution to commit themselves to give up rights to each other’s property in case of divorce or death.

Why should you hire a family lawyer?

Family lawyers are there to help their clients navigate the complicated process of divorce. Family law is quite a broad area where lawyers can practice legal issues which include care and fostering reproductive rights. Family legal matters are so close to homes. They need a trusted lawyer to handle its problems professionally to ensure the loved ones are well represented and protected by the law.

The common reasons to hire family lawyers Brisbane include the following:

Divorce: Each partner in the marriage union is expected to hire an attorney to take care of their interests. If possible, negotiate amicable to settle issues before going to trials. These lawyers are skilled on matters related to sharing of marital property, providing a spouse support formula and proposing plans for child support and custody where applicable.

Child support and custody: court orders for child support agreements usually included in significant divorces cases may be revisited in future. Lawyers practising in this area specialise in matters of child custody and altering of conditions when applicable.

Paternity: sometimes biological fathers file a case to have a relationship with their child, but in most cases, mothers file paternity cases to secure support from the biological father who is the absentee father in the raising of a child.

Adoption: it is a complicated process that needs input from a family lawyer. Before adopting a child, it is crucial to involve a family lawyer to streamline the complex processes involved.

Family law sometimes intersects with other practice areas of the law; for example, child abuse or violence may cross over to criminal injustices.

Reasons why business owners should always hire professional tax agents in Hervey Bay

Reasons why business owners should always hire professional tax agents in Hervey Bay

Various people are essential for the success of every business. However, most of these people are always invisible. This is because they do not have to be in the business for them to offer their services. They can be anywhere, but the services that they offer are very essentials. One of these people is the tax agent.

Every business, whether it is small or large, a tax agent is a significant person in the success of the company. However, the tax agents that are found in Hervey Bay could either be the cause of the success of the failure of the businesses around there. The skills that the tax agents have can lead to the success or the collapse of the business.

In case you want to succeed in your business, you have to ensure that you have not hired just any tax agent that you come across. This is because some of them could be the gate pass to your failure. To avoid this, you have to ensure that you have a professional tax agent by your side. It could cost you extra cash to hire the professional tax agents in the Hervey Bay, but they are always the best. The following are some of the reasons why it is essential for business owners to hire professional tax agents only.

They can help you earn more return on your income tax

It is the dream of every business owner to earn as many returns as they can on their income tax. However, this can be possible, and at the same time, it could be impossible. It all depends on the type of tax agents that you have hired to help you through this process. Therefore, if you want to earn more returns on the income tax of your business, get the professional tax agents to help you during the taxation period.

They spend less time to file the taxes

Professional tax agents are very skilled and equipped with the knowledge that is required in the filing of taxes. This is because they have been to school and are therefore trained to do such type of jobs. For this reason, they find nothing to be complicated.  Unlike the other tax agents who will have to read through the papers or documents for them to have the last figure they need, the professional tax agents know what to do. Therefore, when it comes to filing taxes, they do not take so long.

They know all the taxation laws

Being a busy business owner, it is tough for you to know all the updates that happen in taxation. However, a professional tax agent deals with taxation every single day. Therefore, when there are changes and updates, professional tax agents will know immediately. They are also versed with all the laws that deal with taxation.   Therefore, be sure that you will never be fined for any taxation misconduct since they know all the rules that they should abide by.

They never make mistakes

When you are hiring your tax agents in the Hervey Bay, you have to know that any mistake that you make can cost you business. Therefore, you have to ensure that you hire the tax agents who cannot make these silly mistakes when they are filing your taxes. To be sure of this, you have to ensure that you hire professional tax agents.

Turn to a reputable accounting firm for assistance in dealing with your tax obligations.

Efficient SEO Strategies to Boost Your Organic Traffic Today

Efficient SEO Strategies to Boost Your Organic Traffic Today

The goal of every website owner today has many clients who, through visiting the website improve the website’s traffic. Without proper SEO knowledge, most businesses end up failing to establish a robust online base to promote their content. While others may choose to train and gain the required Search Engine Optimisation skills, others prefer to have their SEO done by an expert. It solely depends on the depth of your finances and budgeting as a business. Meanwhile, below are a few strategies for website owners to use today if driving their sales and traffic is still their main priority.

3 Strategies You Can Use Today Improve Your Website’s Traffic

Traffic refers to the number of visits one gets on its website for a specified duration. Getting amplified traffic solely depends on the kind of strategies you use to get to your target audience. The following hacks should help you start ranking appropriately.

1. Craft engaging content

Every search engine user, when making a query, is pushed by the desire to know more information about something. Once they commence reading whatever is posted on your site and find it annoying, they will bounce off quickly to another site. This cuts down your traffic level and affects your general performance. By creating informative content that is catchy and interesting, you will get more and more traffic on your site.

2. Research and use your keywords appropriately.

Keywords are the phrases that search engine users use to find whatever they need on the internet. Do your thorough research on the kind of keywords your target audience uses to do their searches. The keywords may vary based on gender, age, geographical location, and religions. Using the right keywords will translate to your web page showing up more often on the SERPs whenever a query containing your keywords are used.

3. Practice internal and external linking

Regardless of how good your content is, not many people may access it if no sharing is done. Sharing, in this case, can be done through external and internal links. External links refer to the links directing to your website shared on other websites or blogs. Internal linking alternatively refers to the sharing of page links within a website to ease navigation for the search engine user.

What to Look For Before Hiring an SEO Agency Firm

It is safe to note that the market is currently filled with pros and frauds who are all out after your money. It calls for a unique eye to discern the fake from the legit SEO professionals. Here are some factors that you should consider before hiring or giving out any contract for an SEO job.

1. Assess their portfolios

An expert is best judged by the work they have done in the past. Every agency or professional should be more than willing to showcase their portfolios, displaying their performances and reputation. Good reviews and ratings are a green sign to proceed with the hiring, whereas negative comments are a red flag to halt the process and look elsewhere.

2. Do they embrace white hat strategies?

To get better rankings, some firms may resolve to use black hat practices, which are discouraged by most search engines. Such practices may jeopardise the future of your website since you may be closed down at worst. Find a leading Gold Coast SEO company that cherishes using the accepted white hat strategies to improve your performance.

How to choose the right it managed IT support?

How to choose the right it managed IT support?

In the past few years there has been a rapid change in technological innovations. For any business to be successful one needs to make sure that they hire the right managed IT support. Managed IT support allows business owners to offload all there IT services to another company. They are then responsible for monitoring and maintaining the system on a 24 hour basis.

A managed service provider has all of the following responsibilities. These include:

  •  Managed IT services are best for small to medium sized businesses. These are more like an outsourced IT Department. It allows a business to access all the latest technology in an economical way
  • They make sure that the data is easy to access and secure at all times
  • Also allows a business to complete well against similar businesses

There is a great deal more to managed IT support. This is why it is crucial to find the right IT service provider for your business. When looking for managed IT support make sure to keep the following things in mind:

Choose a managed IT support service that responds quickly

Know that every company would have a different policy and their response time might vary. However they should always offer their clients a guaranteed response time. The thing you should understand is that any company which takes too long to respond is not the best choice. The more time they take to respond the more difficult it would be for them to resolve any technical issues. The right company is one which offers on site support on an immediate basis.

Just don’t go for a repair service instead look for an IT advisor

Find an IT support service that is considered to be an expert. They should have the right knowledge and experience in serving the industry which pertains to the business. Choose managed support services which not only act as consultants but can also graft customised solutions to meet your requirements. They should make sure that everything is explained in simple language which makes it easier for you and your employees to understand and how different operations would work.

They should have a team of highly trained and experienced technician

Managed IT support team should comprise of trained and experienced individuals who can provide services on a 24/7 basis. They should make sure that your employees can access their data wherever and whenever they need to.

They should and sure that all your data is completely secure

For any business to be successful it is necessary that the data is free from viruses and malware. They also have to ensure that there hackers do not steal any of the confidential data there is a diary need for using the right technologies to block any source of inclusions and prevent the malware from entering your network. IT companies should make sure that they provide the right kind of security and that it should be in compliance with the rules and regulations set by the government.

Do keep the above mentioned things in mind when looking for managed business IT support.

5 Types Of Family Lawyers That You Should Avoid

5 Types Of Family Lawyers That You Should Avoid

God has not created the fingers of the hand equal. In the same way, not all separation lawyers perth have not been created equal. There might be few you will never want to run into again. Imagine your case being handled by an unprofessional family lawyer who does not understand the magnitude or the uniqueness of your case. Everything which is on stake, you will lose it all because of an incompetent lawyer. Here is how you know you are dealing with one:

Unexpected Results

Keep it in mind that you are dealing with a lawyer. They will go to any limit to convince you to hire them. This lawyer will talk about unexpected results which you know cannot be achieved.

Talks More Than You

A bad family lawyer will only talk about what he thinks your case will be and what strategies he will be using to achieve your goals. If he is just talking and not listening to you he is definitely a lawyer who is going to be someone in the avoid list.

No Strategy

A good family lawyer will always have ten strategies for your one query. An incompetent lawyer is going to provide you with no strategy at all. They will convince you through vague processes that are not worth listening to or are not clear enough to make you understand the legal process. If you are losing the case, the lawyer needs to identify the reasons clearly so that new strategies could be devised to win the case. If you are winning the case, the lawyer should have a strategy to use the facts very carefully which can help you win big.

Avoid Overcharging

A good family lawyer is not going to overcharge you. Instead, he will give you detail about his charges which in most cases will be quite moderate. A thing you can do to avoid lawyers from overcharging you is research about the market. Yes, we know that you do not have time but it is better than suffering financially because of a bad lawyer.

Blame Game

A bad family lawyer will never let you settle with a fair claim. He might encourage you to play the blame game or false accusations. This is extremely unprofessional and many people choose it since the lawyers are extremely convincing and you are emotionally strangled, you might make a move according to them. In such a scenario, keep your eyes and mind open. Notice everything which is coming out of his mouth. Don’t fall for his immoral pan since you might suffer in the courtroom.
It is okay if you need a little time to look for a good family lawyer but take your time. It is worth it.

Online security, useful tips for data protection

Online security, useful tips for data protection

Attention to online safety is an issue that should not be underestimated. Surfing every day on various sites, from PCs and smartphones, exposes our personal data to the risk of being stolen by malicious parties. No matter whether for work or leisure, regularly visiting web portals requires the adoption of precise precautions to avoid being easy victims of online scams.

A good up-to-date antivirus may suffice when you surf the Internet without sharing your sensitive data. If, on the other hand, you make purchases, play online or resort to paid services, the situation changes completely. In these cases, confidential information is shared, such as the current account or credit card number, home address, access passwords. It is therefore essential to adopt a series of precautions so as not to take unnecessary risks.

Switching from HTTP to HTTPS

All users have a wealth of useful tools to learn how to recognize secure sites. An important step forward has been taken with the transition from the HTTP to the HTTPS protocol, able to offer a greater level of protection, limiting the risk factors as much as possible.

In addition, search the site for information that guarantees secure browsing using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates, a valid system for encrypting all data exchanged on the servers. Checking for the presence of a padlock icon in the browser address bar allows you to instantly understand that our information is safe and not accessible to third parties.

Surf and play on secure sites

It is essential to navigate on reliable portals, suspecting immediately from those who offer fantastic promotions at incredibly low prices, regardless of the type of product, be it a mobile phone or a pair of shoes. Buy only from verified sites and possibly use a prepaid credit card not associated with any current account. It is also effective to read the reviews of other users before subscribing to a particular service.

In the context of online gaming, the State meets us thanks to the contribution of the Customs and Monopolies Agency, which has prepared a series of measures aimed at combating illegality. The presence of the ADM logo on the pages of legal online casinos is a sign of high reliability, full compliance with all the regulations in Italy, secure and protected transactions.

Internet at home, infidelity equal savings

Internet at home, infidelity equal savings

More and more customers are the main operators who find themselves paying a much higher fee for home internet than when they signed up for the contract offer. Thanks to a text message from the provider, you are informed of the unilateral modification of the contract , which almost always contains pejorative variations of the economic conditions and transforms some services from free to payment.

In this case ‘betraying’ the old provider to switch to another company is often the only way to defend against indiscriminate price increases. According to the latest Observatory , taking advantage of a promotion on the home internet connection saves up to 13 euros per month and 159 in a year.

Increases applied to old customers
The survey, conducted in October 2019 thanks to the comparator of internet home offers , showed that over the last two-year period 2018-2019 the rents of the old customers were increased on average by about 2.32 euros per month, which translate to 27.87 euros each year. Old customers are those who had subscribed to fixed internet rates that are no longer promoted, signed at least three years ago.

Before the remodulations, according to the study, these users spent about € 38.33 per month surfing the internet from home. The domestic connection required investing a budget of around € 459.96 each year. What happened after the increases? The same old customers found themselves paying an average monthly fee of 40.65 euros and an annual fee of 487.83 euros.

Infidelity helps to save: up to 32.69% less by changing providers

A good saving opportunity is represented by offers for new customers, offered by operators in the free market in October 2019. These are offers with average fees at favorable prices, in promotion at least in the first year from the time of activation of the service.

If you want to take advantage of it, you will have to face an average fee of just € 27.36 each month. The annual expense to connect from home to these conditions is on average € 328.34. Those who choose to leave the old operator to move to a new company can save at least € 13.29 each month, or 32.69% . Sum that multiplied by twelve months, means an annual provision of 159.49 on average. We can withdraw from the contract without having to pay penalties or decommissioning costs, provided we communicate our decision within the day before the date of commencement of the contractual modification.