More and more customers are the main operators who find themselves paying a much higher fee for home internet than when they signed up for the contract offer. Thanks to a text message from the provider, you are informed of the unilateral modification of the contract , which almost always contains pejorative variations of the economic conditions and transforms some services from free to payment.

In this case ‘betraying’ the old provider to switch to another company is often the only way to defend against indiscriminate price increases. According to the latest Observatory , taking advantage of a promotion on the home internet connection saves up to 13 euros per month and 159 in a year.

Increases applied to old customers
The survey, conducted in October 2019 thanks to the comparator of internet home offers , showed that over the last two-year period 2018-2019 the rents of the old customers were increased on average by about 2.32 euros per month, which translate to 27.87 euros each year. Old customers are those who had subscribed to fixed internet rates that are no longer promoted, signed at least three years ago.

Before the remodulations, according to the study, these users spent about € 38.33 per month surfing the internet from home. The domestic connection required investing a budget of around € 459.96 each year. What happened after the increases? The same old customers found themselves paying an average monthly fee of 40.65 euros and an annual fee of 487.83 euros.

Infidelity helps to save: up to 32.69% less by changing providers

A good saving opportunity is represented by offers for new customers, offered by operators in the free market in October 2019. These are offers with average fees at favorable prices, in promotion at least in the first year from the time of activation of the service.

If you want to take advantage of it, you will have to face an average fee of just € 27.36 each month. The annual expense to connect from home to these conditions is on average € 328.34. Those who choose to leave the old operator to move to a new company can save at least € 13.29 each month, or 32.69% . Sum that multiplied by twelve months, means an annual provision of 159.49 on average. We can withdraw from the contract without having to pay penalties or decommissioning costs, provided we communicate our decision within the day before the date of commencement of the contractual modification.